E-residency Portugal

The concept of e-residency program combines the possibility to assign a digital identity and access to professional and business activity in Portugal and to Portuguese online public services through the identity verification of a non-resident citizen or company. It opens access to the registration of a company, opening a bank account and other public services.

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Mutual benefits from obtaining E-residency

Benefits for participants

● Faster and easier application process
● 100% remote access to the program through fully digital authorization
● Several options of authentication
● Less requirements and less costs
● Attractive fiscal policy
● Developed business environment

Benefits for Portugal

● Creation of new jobs
● New sources of tax revenue
● Digitization of Portuguese administrative and business environment
● Attracting new talents and startups
● Increasing Portuguese impact in EU business connections

There are 3 steps toward
E-residency in Portugal

There are 3 steps toward
E-residency in Portugal

The first step to get e-residency in Portugal is to obtain a Taxpayer Number, it's required for any economic activity. After filling the application, you will pass the biometrical identification. It guarantees high standards of security and provides you totally remote access to government services, tax operations and business implementation.

Bank Account

We work with one of the largest private banks in Portugal - NovoBanco. With your account, you'll have access to hundreds of branches and ATMs throughout the country and outside.The account can be for an individual or a joint account with multiple account owners. Our fee includes the cost of the signature certification by a law firm in Portugal. You will not need to notarize or apostille power of attorney.


The second step in obtaining e-residency in Portugal is obtaining the NISS (Número de Identificação de Segurança Social), which is the Social Security Identification Number. The NISS is a crucial requirement for accessing social security benefits and services in Portugal. It ensures that you can avail yourself of various social benefits, such as healthcare, unemployment benefits, and pensions.

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