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NISS stands for "Número de Identificação da Segurança Social" which translates as the Social security identification number, is the second step for any social and work activity in Portugal.  Getting a social security number is a prolonged process. People were to wait for a long time to get it after their Social Security Department documents approval. We offer to obtain it online from the comfort of your own house in a few days or weeks.

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Work in Portugal

NISS serves as your identification number for employment purposes, allowing you to seek job opportunities and engage in lawful employment in the country.

Social assistance

With a NISS, you gain access to various social assistance programs provided by the Portuguese government. These programs are designed to support individuals and families in need.

Social payments

These payments can include unemployment benefits, family allowances, disability benefits, and other forms of financial support provided by the social security system.

Access to Education

This can include subsidies or scholarships for higher education or vocational training programs, helping you or your dependents pursue personal and professional development.

The fastest way to get a NISS in Portugal

NISS Portugal, also known as Número de Identificação de Segurança Social, is an essential identification number required for various important transactions within Portugal. Whether you are a resident or planning to relocate to Portugal, obtaining your NISS is crucial for accessing social security benefits, healthcare services, and other related entitlements.

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Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

* Proof of address (outside Portugal)

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Bank account

Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

* NIF («Número de Identificación Fiscal»)

* Proof of address (outside Portugal)

* Proof of income

* Tax ID from your residence country

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Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

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Receiving NISS: What Has to Be Considered?

As we have already mentioned, once you order NISS online, you won’t be able to face long waiting and any problems linked to this process.The whole process will be pleasant and quick. What is more, the price for this won’t be crazy! So, let’s see what you need to pay attention to before you request NISS online.


Get the Proper Documents Ready

Well, this is really easy and you will not spend too much time doing this. You have to prepare a proof of ID which is your passport first of all. It is the key document that determines the successful obtaining of NISS. By the way, you may provide an international passport or EU national identity cards. Both variants are going to be perfectly fine.The second document that has to be enclosed is your NIF. What if you still don’t have it now? Do not worry. You can proceed with applying for it online as well. And, it will be really quick and easy too.We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all of the papers you suggest have to be of the appropriate quality. Otherwise, the process of receiving NISS can be postponed or declined.


How Long Do You Have to Wait to Obtain Your NISS?

We work really hard when we get the requests of the clients. The matter is that we value each of you and your time is the most precious resource ever. That is why we try to do everything possible to complete the service in 5 days. Anyway, we will notify you about the result.By the way, if you are curious about some of the questions linked to getting NISS, feel free to ask us. We will never refuse to answer the stuff that is troubling you.


What Will Happen as Long as You Get All the Documents Ready?

This is the key and the most important step you have to take. Once this is done, you should confirm that you agree with anything, and after this, you will be redirected to another page to pay for the services you will be provided with.A credit card is going to be an ideal option for the payment. You will have to state basic data about the card you have, and the process will be completed automatically. Note that if you have got a promo code, you can expect the final price to be reduced which is nice.Once the payment is over, all you have to do is wait with patience. Just relax and devote your precious time to something you love doing! The service of issuing your NISS will be delivered to you in the best way possible.


Should You Try to Receive NISS on Your Own?

It is one of the ways out you can stick to. However, note that to do so, you will have to attend the social security office in person or find someone who will do this for you. If you do not have free time or are just uncertain about the basic procedure, it’s better to trust this work to the professionals. This idea is just going to be more reasonable in the end, and you will not face any difficulties.