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The first step to receive Digital Nomad Visa Spain is getting the NIE Number. This number ("Número de Identidad de Extranjero") is the basic identification with which you will be able to conduct any kind of legal procedure in the country, such as opening a bank account, buying a house or car, starting your company or getting your residence permit.

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Once we receive a copy of your documents, it takes from a couple of weeks to a month to issue an NIE. Based on our experience, it takes several weeks to issue NIE


You don't need to spend your time, going to attorney and high court to get an apostille. All that you need to make an online application and e-sign


Thanks to the process built by our team, everything goes online in a few minutes without leaving your home

Obtain your Spain NIF number in 4 easy steps

we provide a convenient e-residence NIE service that simplifies the process of obtaining your NIE quickly and efficiently.Our experienced team understands the complexities of the Spanish immigration system and will guide you through the entire application process with expertise and professionalism. We ensure that your NIE application is completed accurately and in compliance with the Spanish regulations, saving you time and effort.

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You Asked We Answered

What is a NIE?

NIE Spain - (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) which translates as "Identification number for foreigners".  
It is an A4 size white page that comes with your personal information. This number starts with the letter X or Y, followed by seven numbers and with a letter in the end (example Y -- 0000000 -- A).  
The NIE is the equivalent of a Spanish citizen NIF (Número de identificación fiscal). The NIE number is the Spanish Identification number. The NIE number is unique for every person and it never changes.


How long does it take to acquire a NIE?

Generally it takes from a couple of weeks to a month to issue a NIE, however, it should be noted that the time depends first of all on the available appointments in the in Police office.  
Please, take a note that the timeframe counts from the day of signing the Power of Attorney.


Does a NIE ever expire?

No, NIE does not have an expiration date and is issued "for life". In case you lose your NIE, you will not be simply assigned a new number, you will have to start a new process from scratch and get a brand new document.


Which authority issues NIE?

A NIE is assigned by the General Commissariat for Immigration and Borders, under the aegis of the Spanish Directorate-General for the Police.


What is a POA (Power of Attorney)?

We are given permission by the Power of Attorney (POA) form to apply for your NIE number on your behalf. This document merely authorizes our company to handle your NIE application processing, allowing us to handle the complete process on your behalf.


How will I receive my NIE?

As soon as we get your NIE document - we will scan it and send it to the email you provided us.
Also, you can order the mail delivery to your address.