Opening a bank account online can be quick and easy.
It can take just minutes and save you a trip to a bank branch.
Let us take care of this process for you!
Need a Portuguese bank account for your visa application or daily expenses?
We can handle opening a bank account for you, while you're still outside the country.
You will have a private account manager who already speaks English, always within easy reach of just a WhatsApp text.
Simple and fast procedure to save you time and effort.
Application takes up to 5 min. All communication with the bank will be handled by our local legal team that is located in Portugal.
Skip the Apostille by getting your signature recognized by a law firm in Portugal online.
We work with one of the largest private banks in Portugal - NovoBanco. With your account, you'll have access to hundreds of branches and ATMs throughout the country and outside.

The account can be for an individual or a joint account with multiple account owners. Our fee includes the cost of the signature certification by a law firm in Portugal. You will not need to notarize or apostille power of attorney.
What's Included
  • IBAN and online bank access via Mobile App/Desktop
  • Debit/Credit cards delivered to your door or pick up at the bank branch
  • Personal English-speaking account manager
Type of account: Prestige NB 360
Monthly cost: 8.20 EUR
Minimum deposit: amount required to open an account 250 EUR (should be paid by your own to IBAN when you'll obtain it)
How It Works

Open your Portuguese bank account in 4 easy steps


Place an order

Complete payment of €350

Complete form
Fill out our online form, attach all required documents

Sign your documents

Make an e-signature for your power of attorney, recognized by Portuguese law.

Get access to your new bank account

Receive your IBAN, bank manager personal contact, and get online access codes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to open a bank account?
Usually, for our clients, the average turnaround time to open a bank account is 3-4 weeks. Our turnaround time is an estimate and guarantee. We can't guarantee that your bank account will be opened by a certain date because there are processes outside of our control (e.g. shipping times, bank compliance, and other).
Is there a minimum age requirement for opening a bank account?
The minimum age to open your own bank account in Portugal is 18 years old.
What is the cost of bank account opening?
The processing fee is €350. The account can be for an individual or a joint bank account. Our fee includes the cost of the signature certification by an attorney in Portugal.
Do I need my NIF document to open a bank account?
Yes, NIF is one of the required documents to open a bank account. If you don't have a NIF yet, we cam help you to make one here.
Can my bank cards be shipped internationally?
Yes, your cards are always shipped outside of Portugal to the address shown in your NIF at no additional cost. If you wish to pick up it in Portugal, you can do that at any bank branch (the bank may take for it an additional fee of €15).
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