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Open your Portuguese bank account in 4 easy steps

Opening a bank account in Portugal is a crucial step for individuals engaging in various financial transactions within the country. Whether you are a resident or planning to relocate to Portugal, having a bank account is essential for managing your finances, receiving payments, and conducting day-to-day banking operations.
We offer a streamlined e-residence bank account opening service that simplifies the process of establishing your bank account quickly and efficiently. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is well-versed in the banking regulations and requirements in Portugal, ensuring that you receive expert guidance throughout the entire application process.
With our user-friendly online application platform, you can conveniently apply for a bank account from anywhere in the world.

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Make an e-signature for your power of attorney, recognized by Portuguese law

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Receive your IBAN, bank manager personal contact, and get online access codes

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Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

* Proof of address (outside Portugal)

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Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

* NIF («Número de Identificación Fiscal»)

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NIE Spain

Required documents:

* International passport or EU National ID card

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Opening a Bank Account in Portugal Online

The necessity to create a bank account can occur at any time. And, once a person is facing such a task, he starts to think about how to do this easily. Naturally, the most evident option is this: you go to the branch of the bank you want to collaborate with and interact with them. However, there are also ways that turn out to be far easier than this. One of them is opening a bank account online.  
This can be done via direct communication with the representative of the Portuguese bank. But if you have some trouble speaking Portuguese or just want to save your time a bit, the wisest solution you can stick to is asking professionals to help you with such a matter.


What Has to Be Done Before All of the Key Stages
of Opening a Bank Account Will Be Completed?

You need to get the necessary documents ready. When you are over with this, the rest of the steps will seem really easy to you. So, this is what has to be prepared in advance:

* Proof of ID. There are two options to select from. You may enclose a copy of your international passport or suggest an EU national ID card. Both variants will be just fine;

* Evidence of your address. There are also several ways to prove your address. You are free to introduce a driver's license, a utility bill, or a bank statement (both of them have to be issued within the last three months);

* NIF. This is an individual number of the taxpayer. If you still do not have it, you need to deal with this before you request to create a bank account in Portugal. But it's not a great deal as long as you have a chance to do this in just about five days (certainly, if you pick the online option of ordering it);

* Proof of income. This is really important for the Portuguese banks. Well, there is no unified evidence of your earnings you should stick to. You can enclose an income or company statement, a job contract, or a self-employed registration certificate. Think of which of the variants you can provide (what is more convenient for you), and go for it.

Pay attention to the fact that your proof of address has to be outside Portugal. In case you have already received NIF with our help, it's a good idea to provide just the same documents you used for that procedure.  
As for the taxes aspect, there is also something that you should keep in mind. Some of our clients are taxed outside Portugal. In this case, we are going to need a tax number from the country of your residence (it should be the country you reside in now).  
In fact, a tax number has to be given in accordance with the country that is stated in your NIF.


What Happens After All the Documents Are Ready?

When you are over with collecting the proper documents, it's time to request to open a bank account with us. These documents will be used in order to complete an application for creating your account in a bank.  
You will see the turnaround time that is going to be necessary in order to finish the process. Pay attention that it is an estimate and the final period of expecting the result can slightly change.  
If you are okay with the estimated time you see, the next step is proceeding with the payment. You will be redirected to the payment server. There, it's going to be necessary to state the info about the card you have, and this is it! Wait for the result. Soon, you will be given access to your new Portuguese bank account! You will have to pay 350 euros and this sum includes signature certification by an attorney.  
We keep working on improving what we do on a regular basis which means that you will face the finest quality of the services that can ever be found! Good luck with everything, and hope you will enjoy having a bank account in Portugal!