July 19, 2023

What can I use as proof of address in Portugal?

It's important to understand that every Portuguese tax office has a slightly different process. When you request to remove our lawyer as your Fiscal Representative, you will need to provide valid proof of your residence in Portugal. The most widely accepted document is your Portugal residence permit, also known as the "Título de residência".

Usually, this is the simplest proof of address that you can provide to the Portugal tax office.

Alternatively, if you have not received your temporary residence permit yet, you may also submit either of the following documents to change your address:

  • Expression of Interest (Manifestação de Interesse)
  • Proof of your SEF appointment
  • NOTE, the document you submitted doesn't show your Portuguese address; additionally, you will need to submit an 'Atestado de residência' (Certificate of Residence) issued by your Junta de Freguesia (Local Parish) as a supporting document.

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