Visa in Portugal for digital nomads

There are two options to get a visa in Portugal for digital nomads
Passive income holder
Pensioners, retired foreign citizens or other foreigners living off of a recognized stable income, such as movable property, real estate, intellectual property or financial investments
Professionals who work remotely, outside national soil, whether working for an employer, liberal occupations or entrepreneurs.
What documents for visa application
Required documents:
  • Non-EU citizen passport
  • Portuguese tax ID number (NIF)
  • Account in a Portuguese bank
  • Application form
  • Two identical passport-size photos; with a blank background, and easily identifiable
  • Application for Criminal Record consultation by Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF)
  • Clean certificate of criminal records issued by your home country of origin or the country where the applicant resided for more than one year;
  • Proof of sufficient funds to fully cover a planned stay in Portugal
  • Proof that the applicant has adequate accommodation (rental contract for 12 months)
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Proof of your income
  • Motivation letter
What counts as passive income
  • rental income
  • dividends
  • royalties
  • bank deposits
  • bonds, securities and trade activities
  • pensions
What counts as digital-nomad income
Contracts with employers and corporate clients. For entrepreneurs (self-employed), you should provide income statements with a year's history and proof that you will have the same income for a minimum of two years (contracts or something else). To prove income, you must show bank statements for the past year.
What income requirements
In order to qualify for a D7 digital-nomad visa, potential applicants must be able to show a passive or remote income of €705 per month (if you can provide a higher income amount, it will be better for your case) for the past year. The income must be transparent ("white"), and you should prove that you will have it for at least two more years.

You can show both passive and remote income for your application.

In 2022, the Portugal minimum wage was set at €9,870/year. If you want your family to join you as a dependent, an additional 50% of the minimum wage is required for the spouse or parents, and for children – 25%.
What proof of sufficient founds
Official consular requirements require a minimum of €9,870 in a Portuguese bank account. However, we recommend at least €13,000 or more to show you are serious about your intentions and increase the chances of a positive response to your visa application.

Let's imagine that your family consists of 3 people (you, your wife and a 12-years kid).

Main applicant: €9,870
Spouse: €4,935
Kid: €2,467.5
Totally, you should show in your bank statement €17,272.5 for your family application.

Benefits of Portugal as a residence for digital nomads

  • Soft Climate and up to 300 sunny days per annum
  • Ocean! And that means great seafood, breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, surfing and other water activities.
Affordable housing
  • Absence of heavy industry and low pollution rates
  • Affordable Housing
  • Open-minded, modern government that provides support for new initiatives and facilitates development programs for start-ups and commerce
  • High availability for loans under low annual interest rate
Money and taxation
  • One of the cheapest countries to live in the EU
  • Flexible taxation and exemptions under NHR regime for newcomers
Medicare and life
  • High quality healthcare
  • Very high quality of life
  • Super-friendly locals with the majority proficient in English
  • One of the lowest crime rates and highest security rates in EU
Services for Digital Nomads
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Bank account
Company creation
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